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Supersonic Hair Dryer

by Ozdare
SKU DY392968-01

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The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer professional edition uses a fast but focused airflow for precise styling, with the temperature of airflow constantly measured to prevent extreme heat damage and protect natural shine. The product also has a newly-developed filtration system and professional attachments, designed in collaboration with renowned hair stylists across the globe. 

Dyson's professional hair dryer dries and styles every hair type - from straight and wavy, to curly and textured - with five styling attachments. Each attachment is engineered for even heat distribution, precise styling and fast drying, so you can style more clients in less time. 

For quick changes and a secure fit. With 360° rotation and Dyson Heat Shield Technology to keep their surfaces cool. 


  • Flyaway attachment - Hides flyaways under the main tress, while lifting longer, healthier hair to the surface. For a smooth, shiny finish with no extreme heat.
  • Professional concentrator - Creates a blade of high-velocity air that's perfect for precision styling. Wide and thin design lets you style one section at a time, without disturbing the rest - engineered feature of a hair dryer for salons and stylists. 
  • Diffuser - Reduces frizz and adds definition to curls and waves. Engineered to diffuse air more evenly, with longer prongs that reach deeper into the hair, so you can style more hair with greater control. 
  • Wide-tooth comb attachment - Engineered to glide through curly and coily hair, with no snagging. Adds volume and definition to tight curls, and helps shape and lengthen hair as it dries. 
  • Gentle air attachment - Fast, yet gentle styling for sensitive scalps. Creates volume and texture closer to the roots using gentler, diffused airflow - while still drying fast. 


  • 3 precise speed settings: High for fast drying and styling, Medium for regular drying and Low for diffusing. 
  • 4 precise temperature settings: 100 °C for fast drying and styling, 80°C for regular drying, 60°C for cooler drying and diffusing, 28°C constant cold.
  • Cold Shot Button: 28 °C cold shot, to set your client's hair after styling with a cold blast of air.
  • Weight: 0.715kg
  • Width: 78mm | Height 245mm | Length 97mm
  • Power: 1,600W
  • 3.3m power cord