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Ozdare’s partnership with Kenshi Candles

Every candle sold helps fund 12 meals

Ozdare has partnered with Kenshi Candles, a social enterprise that helps feed disadvantaged families around Australia.

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Kenshi Candles

Every Kenshi Candle sold, facilitates the purchase of 3kg of pasta, which is donated through Make A Difference Community to help feed disadvantaged families and individuals around Australia via local food charities. Each Kenshi Candle is hand-poured using the highest grade natural soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks. Kenshi Candles have a much higher percentage of essential oils than most other candles, so the aroma lasts to the very last minute. Not only are Kenshi Candles made from the highest quality ingredients, but by purchasing a Kenshi Candle, you’re helping to feed those less fortunate who are struggling to feed themselves.

Make A Difference

Kenshi Life Changing Candles is an inspiring story of a 14-year-old boy wanting to make a real difference in the world. Liam started a Social Enterprise and created the “perfect” candle of the highest possible quality. As the demand grew Liam struggled to keep up with production from his bedroom so in 2019, Liam was introduced to the Chin refugee community from Myanmar who live in St Albans. Since then, the Chins have been a fantastic partner to Liam and hand pour all the candles in the Kenshi warehouse. This creates much needed income for the Chin community to support family and friends still living under harsh military regime.

1 x candles sold = 3kgs of pasta

At Ozdare, we heard the story of Liam and the mission he and his dad Michael are on to sell as many candles as possible and work towards eradicating hunger in Australia. Instantly we knew we wanted to contribute, and we knew that our salon community would feel the same. So far, Ozdare has purchased 700 candles resulting in 1.5 tonnes of pasta being purchased and delivered to Food Bank Australia which was then distributed to 100’s of people resulting in 6,000 meals provided for people in need across Australia.