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Point of difference

the future of colour hair treatment

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Discover your Point Of Difference with P.O.D

Ozdare are proud to partner with ECOHEADS, the industry leader when it comes to sustainable, professional hairdressing solutions to launch P.O.D (Point Of Difference) – an entirely new category in hair care and colour.

P.O.D by ECOHEADS is a system designed to improve your salon’s working environment, reduce the environmental impact and grow your salon business. P.O.D is a concentrated colour product, delivered by water utilising the ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD, which provides improved water quality and usage – allowing you to significantly cut down the amount of water and time to cleanse, tone and treat your client’s hair with clean and effective results.

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the p.o.d difference

P.O.D delivers unique benefits to the client, the salon and to the environment.

Use 65%
less water.

Free from harmful
chemicals + cruelty free.

Takes less than
10 minutes to apply.

Lasts up to
8-12 washes.

Save 75% of time
(compared to semi-
permanent colour).

Improves elasticity & strength.
Reduces frizz.
Repairs damage.


As a creative colourist, I’m always excited to bend the rules and explore the limits of what colour can do for me. P.O.D is such a new way of working that the confidence comes from the condition the hair is left in always astounds me. The business benefits for the salon and the team are a no-brainer – it’s an excellent way to build tone on tone colour into shorter services and as an add on refresh treatment that is truly express.


We have loved using P.O.D in our salon for so many reasons. It’s been an amazing product to boost our juniors’ and apprentices’ confidence in colour theory and give them great results. P.O.D has been a product that we can use for such a diverse range of services. All whilst being new and innovative and exciting for the whole salon to get into.

Kyra Crow, DETA HAIR

When I first discovered P.O.D I knew it would revolutionise the hair industry. It has truly brought excitement to our salon, motivating our staff to recommend changes to our customer. Every client’s hair feels incredible and looks incredibly shiny after using P.O.D. We’re thrilled that the service is so efficient that we’ve been able to offer additional services without extending appointment times. The best part is how user-friendly the system is, allowing all our staff members to easily incorporate P.O.D into their client’s experience. It’s been a game-changer for us!



P.O.D can be used as a post colour treatment to enhance and prolong colour for your clients or as a stand alone colour treatment. See for yourself what is possible in under 10 minutes with P.O.D colour and treatment services.


When it comes to sustainability and the hairdressing industry, there are two major contributing factors - the use of harsh chemicals and amount of water that is used at the basin. This is what motivated award-winning hairdresser and salon-owner, Kobi Bokshish along with innovator, Benny Risher and friend Ben Cohen to launch ECOHEADS in 2012.

After a lengthy period of research and development, the trio launched the ultimate showerhead system that not only reduces water usage by over 65% but effectively improves the health and condition of the hair through its unique use of componentry and natural minerals and stones to activate negative ions in the water. Motivated to create professional hair care products that improve the working environment for stylists and clients alike, while reducing the environmental impact while championing creativity and effective results is what’s driven the trio to continue their product line to include THE PING and now P.O.D.

P.O.D represents a revolution for the hair care industry - allowing salons to not only increase efficiencies and enhance client results but also creates a completely new revenue stream to their business.

Today, ECOHEADS products are stocked in over 30 countries and have saved over 162,624,218,400 billion litres of the world’s most precious resource, water.

How it works

The P.O.D system for professionals


The Adaptor

30 secs

The ECOHEADS Shower-head is an innovative and sustainable product for the professional market, that improves performance at the basin whilst focusing on water quality and the conservation of our most precious resource.

The Adaptor allows the P.O.D system to be simple and effortless to implement in a busy salon environment.


The Prep

2 mins

A mild cleansing ecopod to prime all hair types for a P.O.D colour or treatment service, by healthily lifting the cuticle layer and balancing porosity.


The Toner

3-5 mins

Water delivered tone on tone colour. A range of dual-action ecopods that condition the hair whilst colouring effectively.


The Sealer

5 mins

A post-colour treatment that seals the cuticle, locks in colour and provides UV protection. Designed with a rich phytocomplex that nourishes and protects the hair, providing hydration and effortless detangling capabilities.


The Shield

30 secs

A pre-treatment for lightened, porous and compromised hair prior to a P.O.D service. The Shield is an Instant alkaline to acid pH regulator, designed to instantly reduce the alkalinity of the hair to an acidic state.

The Adaptor

  • The Adaptor
  • The showehead
  • How to use

The Adaptor is an easy to assemble addition to the ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD – simply amalgamate it with the ECOplate from your existing ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD and you’re good to go. The Adaptor SHOWERHEAD can also be used as normal for all other services at the basin (there’s no need to remove once fitted).

NOTE: P.O.D will not work if used inside the standard ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD without The Adaptor. The unique design of the basket allows the water to spin the P.O.D products and dissolve them efficiently.

The Prep

  • Description
  • Benefits
  • How to use

A mild cleansing ecopod to prime all hair types for a P.O.D colour or treatment service. Sulfate free, with mild surfactants like Coconut Acid that cleanse the hair and scalp to prepare it for treatment. Active ingredients such as Betaine support porosity whilst nourishing and maintaining hair quality. The Prep is formulated with Arginine, which has a softening effect ono the cuticle and increases the pH of the water flowing on the hair, promoting the healthy lifting of hair cuticles for better colour binding and treatment uptake.

  • Target pH of 9.5.
  • Application time of 2 minutes.

The Toner

  • Description
  • Benefits
  • Range
  • How to use

Water delivered tone on tone colours. A 4 ranges of 21 dual-action ecopods that condition the hair whilst colouring effectively.

The Tone is built with lipophilic oils and amino acids that treat and tone the hair effectively with excellent results. The ecopods contain micro-colour molecules dissolved by the water treatment and dynamic pressure of the ECOHEADS Showerhead.

The Sealer

  • Description
  • Benefits
  • How to use

A post-colour treatment that seals the cuticle, locks in colour and provides UV protection. Designed with a rich phytocomplex that nourishes and protects the hair, providing hydration and effortless detangling capabilities – The Sealer is a one of a kind treatment. The unique formulation provides luminous shine with a light, bouncy finish. The Sealer has been developed with a silicone free formulation, that’s highly effective on all hair types and textures.

  • Target pH of 4.
  • Application time of 5 mins for maximum results and colour retention.

The Shield

  • Description
  • Benefits
  • How to use

The Shield is an alkaline to acid pH regulator, designed to reduce the alkalinity of the hair after any colour service, where needed. The Shield is extremely effective in reducing the pH of the hair fibre, balancing porosity colour service. The Shield is instant when applied to the hair for effective pH balancing and time efficiency.

  • Target pH of 3.